We believe that the Church is one body made up of many parts for the glory of God and the edification of the Church.

YEM has several different ministries to experience and to participate in Sunday worship, Nursery, Sunday School, Teen Ministry, Praise Teams, Cell Groups, Upper Room, missions, evangelism and more.

You can come and join us for any of these ministries or participate by serving as a volunteer.


Every Sunday we gather at 9am and 11am for worship, prayer, the Word and fellowship. Parking is available at church or you can make your way by public transport. We are located in Grace Hall, CCMM Building 11th floor.

UPPER ROOM Upper Room is our Friday night prayer meeting. We meet every Friday at 8:30pm in Grace Hall, CCMM Building 11th floor. At Upper Room we ask God to do what he did 2000 years ago in Acts 1 & 2; to send His Holy Spirit and to send His Church for His Kingdom.

OUTREACH YEM partakes in outreach through mission trips, local outreach and through life to life evangelism. We believe that the Church is called to the Great Commission (Matthew 28) inside the church building and outside of it as well.

TEENS Our Teen Ministry involves students in Junior High School and High School. Reaching out to an ever growing international community, our Teen Ministry is making a difference for Christ with the youth across all nations. If you are a teenager or have a teenager join them on Sundays at 11am in Room 1001 of the 2nd Education Building.

SUNDAY SCHOOL Our Sunday School offers programs for those who are in Elementary School. With lively activities and a great staff the kids will experience a great time worshiping God. Sunday School meets every Sunday at 11am in Conference Room 2, CCMM Building 11th floor.

PASTORAL COUNSELLING Our pastors are accessible and willing to listen when you feel the need to discuss a particular personal issue or simply when you are looking for advice in regards to your spiritual life.

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